Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Stuff to Share

We added this owl outfit to our Etsy shop.  

~and I started on ruffles and I was surprised that they turned out so well. I am working on red right now, but I really like the aqua. And I never realized that you could do so much with a ruffle. I've already started on the towels and I'm ready to rip the curtains off the wall and give them a new look. Somehow, I don't need another project right now which is saving the curtains.

Also, while I was looking around Etsy, I discovered this bow and thought it was really great. She has a lot of others that are really cute, too. The link is:


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Those ruffles are amazing Barb - I could never do something like that! The owl outfit is so sweet too! ~*~Lisa

PEA said...

The owl outfits are so adorable!! Great job making them:-) I just love that bow as well, will need to check them out to get ideas. I'm thinking Christmas and wanting to make my own bows for the presents!! xo