Saturday, August 10, 2013

Did they come out of that old house? Spooky!


Make a right on Dreary Lane.

And then turn left at Ghoul, remain

On that road all through the night;

As moonbeams guide you to the sight

In the forest, black as pitch,

Where a two track called “The Witch”

Will bring you to a haunted home

Where goblins dance and mummy’s roam

With skeletons way out in the field

And caldrons steep and vapors yield

Magic spells and eerie charms.

The sign there reads “Haunted Farms.”

Tombstones have been polished bright

And ghosts are dressed in sparkling white.

Phantoms float, spiders spin

Webs that lure and fold you in.

Get there early, half past five,

To meet the ones who aren’t alive-

The break of day comes at eight.

Close the coffins and the gate.

Your check will be in the mail.

You look ghastly, wan and pale.

Have no fear, you’ll fit right in.

If not, I’ll call your next of kin.

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