Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Bad Noodle Day

Well, some days just don't turn out very well and today started out with the greatest of intentions to make this bean soup that my dad used to make that was the best bean soup in the whole world.  The secret was to take a cup of the soup out of the pot and mash it with a potato masher or put it in a blender and then stir it back in. It makes the soup thick and creamy. Then he used to put these little egg noodles in which were called "egg barley." I think you can still order it online but I haven't been able to purchase it in a grocery store for a long time.

So I decided to make my own egg barley. My friend told me to use an egg and just mix flour in with a little salt until the dough becomes stiff. Ok, well 2 eggs looked better than one and that might have been where I went wrong. But I did get a stiff dough and was pretty proud of it~until it never dried out and she told me to shred it and I tried but it wouldn't shred. So I cut it in little pieces and let it dry overnight.  This morning, it was as hard as a rock. So I put it in a pot and boiled it and boiled it and ......

It's still hard as a rock. But I put the egg barley into the watery bean soup with the hard beans that didn't cook right either. It might all get dumped under the tree in front for the wild animals. It might just make the wild animals even wilder. Or maybe I'll just put it all in the pressure cooker.

But I did get a cute picture outside of the gym this morning so the whole day wasn't lost.

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