Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marshmallow Heaven on Etsy

I like to search for holiday items on Etsy so yesterday I was just looking for Thanksgiving items and I came across these marshmallows. I thought about making homemade chocolate marshmallows at one time and even went as far as getting a recipe, but never actually did it. So I went into this shop and found that she had some really terrific marshmallows, tantalizing flavors, and great prices. I checked out her blog which is linked on her about page, and it's absolutely beautiful. The name of the shop is Sweet Jumbles
 These are the gingerbread.

And then there's pumpkin pie.

And then there is the one that calls my name. Peanut Butter!

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Sylvia said...

Yum, I bet that peanut butter one is just great, makes my mouth water. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I am now following yours.
Hugs, Sylvia