Friday, July 4, 2014


With last winter being so bad, I did less exercise than I have done in a long time. Even to build up again to be able to walk any distance took a lot of time and effort, but it has been worth it. I also started back to the gym and I did fine there. It's really worth it though in how I feel. They have a senior class at the gym and I tried that, but I didn't care much for it. I think I'll work by myself for a while and then try it again. I also went to a lecture where they talked about how to keep motivated. I had walked the same route for a long time and it was getting tedious.  I walk about half of my old route and then go to a new location and walk that. It's more time consuming but well worth it. These pictures were taken where I walked regularly for a long time.
The boardwalk leads away from the park. I usually park in the marina parking lot and walk to the end of it and back.
And then I go over to the beach and walk out towards the pier.

and past the lighthouse
and then out on the pier and back.
Hope everybody is enjoying their summer!

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Susan said...

Looks like a lovely place to walk, Adelaide. Your words on exercise were inspiring. I swim, but it's definitely not enough.

However, the days I do not swim, I feel the difference.

I would like to start to walk, too. Susan