Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is I-lean. She started out as a project to give to the Women's Resource Center in our town, but she never made it. Some day I'll try again.

She was dressed and tattooed  by my granddaughter Melissa and named I-lean by my son-in-law Mike because she has one leg shorter than the other. She was my second attempt at making a doll.

After so much family involvement, I had to keep I-lean, and I have to admit that she sorta grows on ya.


Barb said...

Very cute!

Danice said...

I-lean is cute. Look at her wearing her Georgia Tech t-shirt, how cute. Tattoos on a doll, 'funny I thought about that recently since I myself have many tattoos. You did a great job on your 2nd doll-making attempt :)