Friday, October 25, 2013

October Is Going Out In A Rage Of Color

I didn't think I would be taking any pictures today. When I left to go into town, it was raining. I stopped and got some pumpkin spice coffee and went down to the park to drink it. By the time I got into town, the sun had come out and was shining on the leaves. The colors were beautiful. I went back home to get my camera and took some great pictures.
I took these in a mobile home community in town. You can see all of the red from outside and I had to go in.
And then I drove over to the old jail where the Seedums Garden Club plants a lot of  flowers and I found some gorgeous mums.
And then I went to the library and they had the most adorable display so I took some pictures of that.
So it ended up to be a very enjoyable autumn day~probably close to the last before bleak, gray sky November comes tearing through


Barb said...

What a delightful autumn day!
Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...